If the Lakers win the Dodgers, health officials remind Angelino to safely celebrate at home

LOS ANGELES (KABC) – With the Lakers and Dodgers scoring big postgens runs, Los Angeles County health officials are reminding the public to think they should win responsibly.The Lakers are one win away from winning their 17th NBA title. Game 5 is Friday against the Miami Heat. The Dodgers play Game 3 of the Division Series against the San Diego Padres on Thursday night.

Los Angeles County Health Officer Drs. “Very excited that the Lakers are going to play this next game,” Mantu Davis said. “And we just want to remind people, the safest way to convince all of our teams, both the Lakers and the Dodgers, is to do it in the comfort of your own home.”Officials worry that large public gatherings after the Games may slow the county’s progress in reducing some COVID-19 cases.

Davis said the county is also able to reduce mortality and outbreaks in skilled nursing facilities.

For the week of September 20, he said, about two-thirds of skilled nursing facilities were reporting no current outbreaks, an improvement from two weeks earlier when about half of them were reporting outbreaks.

Cooperation with county liaison trailers has also improved.

More people are providing contact tracers with information about their contacts, he said. Since early August, approximately 63% of cases have provided at least one contact for follow-up. But there are others who have refused or who have not arrived.

“Talking of cases and identifying their close contacts is an important part of reducing the transmission of COVID-19,” Davis said. “We encourage anyone receiving a call from public health to talk to our contactors.”

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