If Johnny Damon looked like David Ortiz, he very well could be dead

Johnny Damon, who couldn't have been more shit in his encounter with the Florida police.

Johnny Damon, who couldn’t have been more shitty in his run-in with the Florida police.
Photo: fake images

I know you will have to get over the shock that someone who spent their entire career trading under the label of “idiot” was arrested for a DUI. It is a cold world. That’s what Johnny Damon did last month in Florida, in addition to resisting arrest without violence. Damon’s blood alcohol level was .30, about four times the legal limit.

the arrest video It came out yesterday, and boy, is it wonderful. Damon and his wife are clearly and completely murdered, and Damon’s field tests resemble Kabuki theater more than anything.

You can’t help but notice that during the video, both Damon and his wife repeatedly reject the police’s orders, such as getting out of the car when ordered not to, not returning to the car, not making contact with the police, and so on. And it just … happens.

So you must ask yourself, what would have happened if Damon and his wife had dark skin? I don’t have to answer that for you, because you’ve seen more than enough times what happens to blacks who don’t immediately follow police instructions to the letter. Or even those that do.

Both Damon and his wife get away with physical contact against the police. And if you think being a former athlete gets you out of those things, ask Thabo Sefolosha or Sterling brown about that. It’s also worth arguing if all of this doesn’t go over a fake $ 20. And yet patience is demonstrated here.

Of course, this wouldn’t be complete without Damon, a vocal Trump supporter, trying to blame the victim when he’s drunk behind the wheel and puts others in danger. It is always the case on that side. They are all persecuted for their beliefs when they put others in danger or actively ruin them or get away with things that the majority of the population cannot. Never your fault.


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