‘If it succeeds here, it will spread’: Bernie Sanders rallies Amazon workers in Alabama ahead of historic union vote

Bernie Sanders traveled to Birmingham, Alabama on Friday to mobilize Amazon workers organizing what could be the first union in the retail giant’s history.

“He is prepared to stand up and say that all workers in this country deserve to have living wages, decent working conditions, decent benefits and to be treated with dignity, not like a robot,” said the Vermont senator.

Approximately 5,800 workers at the company’s sorting facility in Bessemer, Alabama, are participating in a high-stakes vote to determine their membership in the Retail, Wholesale, and Large Stores Union. Voting ends March 29.

“What you are doing requires an enormous amount of courage, and what you are doing is not just for you, your children and your families, what you are doing is for workers across the country,” Sanders said.

A potential union at the nation’s second-largest retailer, owned by one of the world’s richest men, could mark a turning point for the American workforce, which faces a widening wealth gap and lingering economic fallout. from the coronavirus pandemic despite the growing fortunes of Amazon and other companies. .

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