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If a candidate announces victory ahead of time, Facebook will show it

Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg speaks during the 56th Munich Security Conference in Munich, southern Germany, on February 15, 2020.

Christophe Stache | AFP | Getty Images

Facebook can be a wild election night, and this includes providing users with accurate information should any candidate attempt to announce a win ahead of time using social networks.

In September, the company announced that one step to protect the integrity of the US elections would be to add a label to any post of candidate or campaign that tries to declare victory before the final results arrive. These labels will direct users. Official results provided by Reuters and the National Election Pool.

Here’s what those labels would look like:

Axios reported on Sunday that President Donald Trump has told those around him that he would declare victory on Tuesday night if he appeared further.

Additionally, Facebook has set up a polling information center that will provide users with accurate information about the election, and the company said it will label any content it wants to represent the result of the election.

Twitter also said This will label the tweets The claim of victory before the election is officially called.


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