Iconic Retailer That Defined Los Angeles Fashion Era 87 – Deadline

Fred Segal’s became known as a high-end fashion boutique with a young and modern vibe. The stores attracted customers such as the Beatles, Elvis, Diana Ross, Jackson Five, Nicole Kidman, and Jefferson Airplane, among many others.

When Segal opened its West Hollywood store, 85 percent of the inventory in the 350-square-foot store was blue. Later, in a 700-square-foot store on Santa Monica Boulevard, Segal’s lean fashion was a huge hit. That led to an exclusive jeans store on Melrose in Crescent Heights in 1960 at the height of that retail strip, and it soon created the first “Jeans Bar.” Fred Segal’s denim designs for men and women sold for $ 19.95 when jeans used to cost $ 3.

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There were two Fred Segal locations founded by Segal, both housing several independently owned boutiques. The two stores are not affiliated, although they use the same logo and have the same annual sale, but each has a different flavor. The Melrose location was run by Segal’s nephew, Ron Herman, while the other was in Santa Monica.

Segal is survived by five children, 10 grandchildren, two great-grandchildren, his wife Tina and their two children and their grandson. Segal’s family asks mourners to consider making a donation to the Segal Family-United World Foundation.

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