ICloud Encryption Bug Crashes Rachel True Over Boolean Flag

An apparent flaw in iCloud designs appears to have prevented a user from accessing their account on the iCloud website, due to the interpretation of their last name “True.”

Author Rachel True shared on Twitter that she is getting an error when trying to sign in to iCloud.

ERROR TITLE REPORTED: Type error: cannot set value ‘true’ in property ‘last name

It seems that iCloud is interpreting your True last name as a Boolean flag and therefore you are unable to log in. He noted that it had been blocked for more than 6 months. He later went on to say that he spent hours on the phone with Apple support about the unsolved problem.

However, it looks like there will be a resolution soon. He later shared that he hopes to hear from Apple earlier this week. One answer he joked that his quickest solution would be to get married and take his spouse’s name, but that “Mr. / Ms ‘Null’ ”would probably repeat the problem.

Arun Gupta from the Apple iCloud team arrived as well. Rachel is frustrated, and rightly so, as she has still been paying for iCloud during the period when she has not been able to access it. iCloud is an integral part of the iOS and macOS experience, so when it can’t be used, it affects the overall operations of the devices people depend on. Last week we covered the story of how Dustin Curtis was locked out of his Apple ID by a lost Mac exchange. We later learned that only the purchasing power of the Apple ID was locked as the iCloud aspect is separate. of the Apple ID.

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