Ice Storm LTM added to Fortnite with live event of ice spheres |

A new limited time mode, Ice Storm, was released in Fortnite after the Ice Sphere Live Event in the game.

The Ice Sphere, or what some fans have called Orb, has been placed on Polar Peak since January 15, when it was added in patch V7.20.

The sinister object has provoked many speculations from the fans about what their true intentions are. Some players with eagle eyes, with the help of data miners, noted that the sphere is the home of the character of the Ice King who mocked the launch of Season 7.


The Ice Sphere has caused a lot of speculation.

A weather warning recently spread across the game's televisions, alerting fans to some kind of movement with the sphere.

A leak showed that a winter variant of the Fortnitemares event would activate only a few minutes after the Live Event, which has now occurred. The LTM brings the Zombies, now in a winter theme, as an additional obstacle for players to fight in the fight for survival.

It is expected that the LTM, which runs on the playlists Solo, Duos and Squadrons, will run for ten days until January 29. Regular games of Solo and Duos are disabled until the end of the LTM, while regular squad games are available.

Some players had already seen the option of looking for the LTM in Fortnite Mobile and the console before the mode was activated. However, all players had to wait until the live event within the game. as it is not yet activated, to have the option of looking for a regular game of Solo, Duos or Squadrons.

The live event in the game occurred at 2PM EST / 1PM CST / 11AM PST / 7PM GMT / 8PM CET / 5AM AEST on January 19.

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