ICE detains a Mexican man after speaking with newspapers about the deportation of his girlfriend –

ICE detains a Mexican man after speaking with newspapers about the deportation of his girlfriend


U.S. Immigration authorities detained an illegal Mexican immigrant last week after appearing in the newspapers after his girlfriend's immigration arrest in June.

Baltazar "Rosas" Aburto Gutiérrez, who has lived in the country for 18 years, was arrested by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Office last Monday after talking about the arrest of his girlfriend with the local Chinook Observer and The Seattle Times.

The bride, who is also the mother of her children, was arrested when she took her children to meet someone interested in the advertisement about a homemade piñata she was selling. The meeting proved to be a nuisance for the immigration authorities and she was arrested.

Guttierez said that the authorities accompanied her to her house so she could leave the children with him before taking her away. He claims to have told ICE agents "Why do not they take us all?", Since he was also illegally in the United States. The woman has been deported and lives in Mexico with her children.

His story was featured prominently in several newspapers, portraying the increasing deportation efforts under the Trump administration and an offensive against illegal immigrants who have not committed other crimes.

Speaking from the Northwest Detention Center in Tacoma, Gutierrez told the Times he was arrested last week in Ocean Shores, where he lives and works as a clamdigger. "My supervisor asked me to go look for you because of what appeared in the newspaper," said an ICE agent.

ICE spokeswoman Lori Haley said the agency does not retaliate, but declined to comment on Gutiérrez's case.

"ICE conducts a specific immigration application in accordance with federal law and agency policy, and at times, exercises procedural discretion when circumstances or" In this particular case, there are mitigating factors such as of minors or the medical condition of a foreigner, "the statement said, adding that" This does not mean that a foreigner is exempt from the future application of immigration. "

Legal counsel for immigrants said that Gutiérrez could potentially argue that ICE violated his right to freedom of expression because he was arrested after speaking. "It is certainly worrisome," said the legal director of the Northwest Immigrant Rights Project Matt Adams to the Times.

Gutierrez said he can not post bail. $ 25,000 and has not yet been granted a date in court. His girlfriend, speaking from Mexico, said the arrest puts the family in danger He was sending his earnings.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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