IC3 Releases 2020 Internet Crime Report – FBI

In addition to statistics, the IC3 2020 Internet Crime Report contains information on the most common Internet scams that affect the public and offers prevention and protection guidance. It also highlights the FBI’s work in fighting crime on the Internet, including examples from recent cases. Finally, the 2020 Internet Crime Report explains IC3, its mission and functions.

IC3 provides the public with a reliable and convenient mechanism to report suspected Internet crime to the FBI. The FBI analyzes and shares information from complaints filed for investigation and intelligence purposes, to enforce the law, and to raise public awareness.

With the launch of the 2020 Internet Crime Report, the FBI wants to remind the public to immediately report suspected criminal activity on the Internet to IC3 at ic3.gov. By reporting crime on the Internet, victims not only alert law enforcement to the activity, but also help in the overall fight against cybercrime.



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