Ibtihaj Muhammad Gets First Hijab-Wearing Barbie Designed After Her


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Barbie’s breaking obstacles! Ibtihaj Muhammad was the first-ever U.S. Olympic athlete to compete carrying a hijab on the 2016 Rio Olympic video games. And now she has her very personal Barbie — the primary to ever put on a hijab within the model’s 58-year historical past.

A one-of-a-kind doll made in her likeness was unveiled at Glamour’s Women of the Year Live Summit Monday, as the most recent doll in Barbie’s “Shero” line (that will be feminine heroes), a program that celebrates boundary-breaking ladies supposed to encourage the following technology.

Muhammad joins a formidable roster of different “Sheroes” together with Ashley Graham, Zendaya, Kristin Chenoweth, Gabby Douglas, Emmy Rossum, Trisha Yearwood, Misty Copeland and Ava DuVernay and calls the chance “super humbling.”

“I’m excited to just partner with a brand that I know honors powerful women who are breaking barriers and whose sole goal is to impact the future leaders of tomorrow,” Muhammad tells PeopleStyle. “To be included in this conversation is very humbling and I’m over the moon about this whole thing.”

The athlete labored with Mattel each step of the best way within the design course of and says her resemblance to the doll is uncanny. (The Ibtihaj Barbie might be launched to the general public in the autumn of 2018.) “It’s so cool to see myself in this little doll form with my fencing uniform on,” she says. “It says my name on the back and it has a fencing mask and the little sabre. I just love it.”

Something that she made certain her doll featured was a sensible sense of her physique kind and her signature eye liner. “I know that as an athlete I have larger legs — these strong legs that we use, especially fencers, to propel ourselves into lunges — and it was important for me to have my doll be as close to my likeness as possible. So I wanted to have athletic toned legs for sure. I’m also really big to into eyeliner. I like to think of my eyeliner as a shield of power; I not only wear it to the grocery store but I also wear it to compete. I wore it to the Olympic games, so I wanted my Barbie to have the perfect winged liner and also to wear a hijab.”

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The significance of representing the first-ever hijab-wearing doll just isn’t misplaced on Muhammad. “I think its revolutionary for Barbie to take a stand in this moment that we’re in – and I would say, as a country, to have a doll wear a hijab and be the first of its kind,” she says. “There has never been a Barbie doll to wear a hijab before. I’m really excited to have this moment happen in my life and also for all these little girls now who can shop for Barbie doll that may look them, may wear a hijab like they do, or like their mom does, or like a friend does. But also have kids who aren’t Muslim, who don’t wear a hijab, to also have the opportunity to play with a doll that wears a hijab.”

Not solely does her Barbie signify an entire new inhabitants of girls, but it surely opens many extra doorways of creativity for youngsters after they play with Barbie. “I come from a pretty small sport that a lot of people had the opportunity to learn about last summer at the Olympic games and now to even have fencers in the conversation,” she says. “It’s cool to have Muslim girls in the conversation, to have African Americans as fencers is also really cool. I feel like we’re just shattering all the little glbad ceilings here.”

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She hopes that that is simply the beginning of extra inclusive illustration throughout the doll market and is aware of who she’d prefer to nominated for a Shero doll subsequent yr. “When I found out I was the first woman in a hijab, I thought for sure Malala Yousafzai would have one,” she stated. “I think it would be cool to have Malala have a Barbie doll… her story line in general would be great to teach our kids today. I’m gonna tell  Mattel to streamline that. I’ll be the agent on that.”

What do you consider Muhammad’s Barbie doll?

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