I would be hesitant to get Trump’s FDA approved COVID vaccine

A bad commentary has been answered by a prominent Democrat, and not for the first time recently.

But it’s not as bad as I want it to be.

First, watch the clip:

Here are two different but interviewed questions:

1. Is Trump’s FDA Trustworthy?
2. Should I answer the first question to guide my decision about getting a vaccine?

The answer to both questions is no. To believe or not to trust the FDA, let me describe just a few examples by David Gorski of science-based medicine trying to politicize COVID research at the FDA and CDRI this year by Trump and his colleagues There is a temptation to direct on this piece – with some success. It would be a matter if the two agencies had a heroic resistance that would advance their findings politically, but Gorski noted that the FDA initially recommended hydroxychloroquine and later convulsive plasma with zero evidence from randomized clinical trials How was approved for emergency use. Effective against COVID. (The Emergency Use Authority for hydroxychloroquine was later revoked.) In previous years, Gorski writes, he answered “yes” out loud if you ask him if we should trust the FDA. Now he has no idea.

Here’s a fascinating anecdote from the Times about how convulsive plasma eventually received FDA approval:

It was the third week of August, with the Republican National Convention days away, and President Trump impatient.

White House officials were eager to show a step forward in the fight against coronoviruses: the expansion of blood plasma use from recovered patients to treat new patients. However, for about two weeks, the National Institutes of Health had constituted the Emergency Authority for Treatment, which expressed concern over its effectiveness.

So on Wednesday, 19 August, Mr. Trump, NIH director Dr. Francis S. Calling Collins with a blunt message.

“Get it done by Friday,” he demanded.

He started completing it until the following Sunday, when the boss published this banana-republican tweet to pressure him. As is often true with Trump, corruption is out in the open:

At that Sunday press conference, a study by FDA chief Stephen Hain so desperately ended the measurable benefits of plasma that he eventually had to apologize for his mistake on Twitter. Whether the jury stays out Head of fda Is scientifically illiterate or just a hack that deliberately tried to get the president’s new wonder drug to the public:

[Bill Gates] Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Stephen Hahn drew his harsh criticism, who misused the findings from the Mayo Clinic’s study on Kovid-19, and said that researchers had seen a 35% survival benefit from the use of constabulus plasma. “Many of you know that I was a cancer doctor before becoming FDA Commissioner,” Hahan said. “And a 35% improvement in survival is a huge clinical benefit.”

“This is third grade math. I mean, are you kidding? Gates said. The head of the FDA stated that it was a 35% death reduction, where it was a mere 3% reduction, based on a small subset that was non-volatile. This is unheard of. “

In fact, there is no data from randomized controlled trials to indicate whether the convalescent plasma – an antibody-rich blood product made from the blood donation of Kovid-19 survivors – actually increases survival.

If it was only the FDA that was politicized, it would be bad enough. But Trump’s father Michael Capto and his “science advisor” shaped Trump’s preachy message about Trump to shape his findings to be the last one about the length of Trump crony Michael Capto and his “science advisor” Several reports a week. Virus. In the final investigation, Caputo was spotted on Facebook warning of the CDCO’s “treason” and possible plots to kill him. No wonder Gorski and Gates have also lost faith in that agency:

Likewise, the Gates administration’s recent move to rewrite the CDC test guidance to say that people who were not exhibiting symptoms did not need to be tested. Experts said the revised recommendations would make it harder to find and isolate people who are just becoming infectious – by reducing efforts to limit the spread of the virus. “It blows the mind,” Gates said.

The new advice was backed by Scott Atlas, a recent addition to the White House Coronovirus Task Force. Atlas, a neuroradiologist and a public policy fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University, has advocated a policy of allegedly allowing the virus to spread uncontrolled so that herd immunity can quickly reach the country.

Gates is not a fan. “The administration has now hired this Stanford man who has no background, as he agrees with his rift principles.”

correct. The response to all of this would be that it is “irresponsible” to warn people before the rollout of the vaccine that the federal government’s health bureaucracy has become too corrupt to rely on politics. I would say it is irresponsible not to warn them. Most do not really require warning. They follow the news. He has shaped the president’s credibility. They know that the score: “Fifty percent of adults say they don’t trust the president’s commentary comments, while just 26 percent say that,” according to a new NBC poll. If people are having trouble trusting the FDA, take it with the clown who accused the agency of Twitter of infiltrating it from a “deep position”.


The fact that Trump and his corrupt cronies cannot be trusted does not mean that AstraZeneca and researchers from Oxford and Modern and Bioentech and the University of Pittsburgh and other ill-meaning scientists worked hard to end this nightmare. are doing. ‘t be it. (Yes, indeed, Big Pharma is the trusted actor in our modern dystopia.) It was less than a week ago that Oxford and AstraZeneca had covered their UK vaccine trial in thousands of subjects because a single person had a Health issue was raised. anxiety. Any company that emerges with a viable vaccine candidate will publish its findings knowing that the data will be closely scrutinized by thousands of independent experts around the world. Their decisions will be reflected in big media and social media. If red flags appear in research on the issue of security, we will hear about it. loudly. There will be no mystery about whether the “winning” vaccine is risky.

Pharmaceutical companies working on the vaccine are so panicked about the Trump administration’s perceptions of corruption eroding the public’s reception for their own product, that they didn’t even request the FDA authority last week to take their products Follow the steps until proven to be safe and effective. 3 tests. thinking about him. Pharma does not trust the federal government so much that it does not approve a balm vaccine ahead of time, which will likely be given to 300 million people to help with Trump’s election opportunities, so that they can agree among themselves They try not to jump in front of each other. Competitive advantage. The mercenary capitalists have to protect public welfare because the government has accused it of protecting public welfare, which cannot be done when this welfare collides with Trump’s electoral hopes.

Democrats have to get better at capturing all these nuances. Asked if you would get the vaccine or not “I’m hesitant because I don’t trust Trump.” It’s going to roll back an effort to reduce the population, which is already a massive lift thanks to a witch’s hyperpartship, anti-wax cookery, and Trump’s dismantling of the government’s credibility. The correct answer about getting the vaccine is “I’m going to see what independent experts say, and if they are excited about the data then I’ll be the first in line.” Take Trump and the FDA out of the equation altogether. No one should trust them, but no one is needed in the age of mass media when we are inundated with opinion. Every expert with an outlook on the safety and efficacy of the new vaccine will find an outlet to disseminate that opinion. A consensus will soon become clear.