‘I think I’ll be fine’

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Allison Janney is fine alone!

While she never made the intentional decision not to marry or have children, Janney is happy to focus on herself and her career. Mother The 61-year-old actress said during an appearance on Tuesday’s episode of the Drew Barrymore Show.

“I think if I had found the right man at the right time and wanted to have children, I probably would have done it with the right partner,” Janney told Barrymore, 46. have children, and I would rather regret not having children than to have children and regret it. “

He continued: “I really am at this point in my life knowing who I am and what I want. So I would love to eventually find someone to share my life with, but if it doesn’t happen, I think it will be fine.”

The actress revealed to a person who recently caught her eye.

“My latest crush is Rip on Yellowstone“he joked, referring to the fictional character played by Cole Hauser. Janney asked Barrymore if he had” virtual crushes “of his own.

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Laughing, Barrymore said: “I’ve been in a very deep den of disturbing documentaries, so there is definitely no one.”

As Barrymore continued, admitting that he had been on a dating app “for a while,” Janney received a phone call that interrupted the television host.

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“I think it was Tom Cruise who called,” Janney said, jokingly apologizing for the interruption. “I need to get back to him. He keeps calling, and I say ‘It doesn’t mean no, Tom.’

“Right, exactly, because she probably wants to get married and have kids,” Barrymore joked.

Robert Voets / Warner Bros. Entertainment Anna Faris and Allison Janney in Mother

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In February, CBS announced the cancellation of its show. Mother, the comedy in which Janney has played Bonnie Plunkett for the past eight seasons. Janney said The Late Late Show host James Corden last month that the news was not exactly expected.

“I wish we had at least another year for the writers to have that long to get to the end. We found out sooner than we think,” he said. “We thought: ‘Surely, they will want more Mother. And they decided no. “

While the Oscar winner acknowledges that there were probably “many reasons” behind the decision to remove the sitcom from CBS, she told the 42-year-old Corden that she believes “most of them” are “probably related to the money”.

“But I know that Chuck Lorre is writing the final episode and we are, right now, filming the penultimate episode,” explained Janney, referring to the creator of the comedy. “And I’m having a lot of moments where I’m standing on set, taking in and looking at all the faces that I’ve looked at for eight years.”

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