‘I swear the camera saved my life’


So you’re thinking of trying on a bikini backwards …

When various members of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, starting with Kendall, and then followed by Kylie and Kourtney, started wearing their backwards string bikini tops last summer, I thought it would be a mistake as far as the trends go. fashion. After all, one of the big differences between celebrities and the rest of us is that we really like to get in the pool. But, like clockwork, once the weather warmed up, the DIY swimwear trend became ubiquitous as people began tying their tops upside down, crisscross, and even sideways. Chelsea Vaughn of The Bachelor chose an upside-down bikini for a beach day in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, in March, and it appeared, at least in the photos, to hold up during an outdoor shower. Brazilian actress Bruna Marquezine wore a flipped blue bikini with a belly chain in January. And Atlanta-based blogger Frankly Frankie’s Instagram feed is full of bikini tops, tied in countless ways, from 180-degree cartwheels to back and side. See this post on Instagram A post shared by Kendall (@kendalljenner) Don’t get me wrong, I get the appeal. Basically, by flipping the top of your swimsuit this way, you’re going to get multiple bikinis for the price of one. You don’t even have to buy anything new to create the look; all it takes is digging up the string bikini that has probably been buried in the bottom of your bathing suit drawer for a few summers. Also, they often look great in photos. But do they stay awake? How practical is it to do anything in the water other than pose next to her? I wore one for an entire business day this week, changing the tie pattern every few hours to see what worked and what didn’t. Unfortunately for me, I don’t have access to a pool or proper pool climate, so I didn’t dip into my bikini backwards, although I did try to wear it in the shower. Even dry though, when the most rigorous activity I did was transitioning from working from my back to my side to my stomach in bed, neither style stuck. At one point, I had to climb onto the counter to reach the box of cereal that I hold up for emergency snacks, and the tie around my neck fell apart completely. In the spirit of research, here’s what I found: While the standard upside-down style is the sturdiest compared to any other style (strapless, criss-cross in front, placing it on your chest untied while your assistant takes photos untrue and sincere of you with a book you don’t plan to read), it’s still not really tough. While it may last longer than a wading into the shallow end of the pool, there is no chance you will survive a single wave on the beach or a dive at the deep end. When the cinching is off the bottom, the “cover” part of a string bikini becomes a complete joke. Throughout the day, I spent more time adjusting my bathing suit than not adjusting it. Despite doing this experiment for work reasons, I think it made me work less. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Chelsea Vaughn (@chelseavaughn_) Others are equally skeptical: “In a way it works,” says Refinery29 creative and update editor Kate Spencer, who recently gave the trend a try at home . “But I would say that it is not as comfortable, supportive or practical as wearing it the other way around.” And then he takes it hot: “… And I don’t think it’s any more elegant.” “The bikini turned upside down is just unnecessary,” says Refinery29’s work and money editor Hannah Rimm, also after trying out the IRL trend. “I don’t think it looks better than a normal bikini and it certainly won’t hold my D-cups if I move. There are so many things under the breasts! “Although she admits that string bikinis are not her style, preferring instead a sportier top with a round neck, she still thinks the trend is” a lot of work for a very boring reward “, adding: neck one strangled me “. Ironically, Kendall Jenner seems not to follow the trend that she and her sisters sparked. Most likely, she realized the same way we did: the swimsuit was designed to be worn backwards for a reason. In any other way, and you won’t use it for long. You like what you see? How about a little more R29 goodness, right here? An exhaustive list of petite plus size bikinisThe best swimsuits to avoid tan lines22 black bikinis you should buy this summer

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