I should be grateful for Iran’s decision to send navy vessels to the Gulf of Mexico


Americans should be grateful for the promise by the head of Iran's Navy on Wednesday to send warships to the Gulf of Mexico.

According to the Iranian news, the ships will visit ports in the Gulf (presumably in Cuba?) Before returning to Iran waters.

However, while this might seem a threat to the US UU and our interests, I see it as an opportunity. Even if Iran reaches the abyss, which is very questionable, the United States will benefit.

To begin with, the Iranian Navy has little power as an oceanic or "blue water" military force. While both the Iranian navy and the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps could pose a challenge to US ships operating in the shallow, shallow waters of the Persian Gulf, Iran can not bring combat capability to the Atlantic, much less to the Gulf of Mexico. The logistical, mechanical and supply problems would simply be too big for the Iranians to handle.

Yes, Iran could probably stretch to send two or three vessels to the Gulf, but only with the support of an expensive logistics and risky effort. More importantly, once in the Atlantic, the Iranians would come under immediate and sustained supervision by the US Navy. UU

This is where the real benefits of any excursion would come into play.

After all, most of the time Iran's navy is floating around the Persian Gulf harbading several ships. In turn, it is a unique opportunity for the US Navy. UU See how Iranian sailors operate far in the oceans. And just as training does the skills, intelligence gathering feeds better combat capabilities.

While monitoring the Iranians, the US Navy UU It will seek to gather information on a wide range of concerns. These could include the routines of the Iranian crew, how the sailors and their capabilities attempt to monitor the US badets that monitor them, Iran's technical capabilities for ocean combat operations, the reliability of Iranian teams, countries and individuals. that the Iranian flotilla chooses to visit and the communications that the flotilla exchanges with the headquarters in Iran.

That's just the tip of the iceberg.

All this represents an almost perfect opportunity for US naval intelligence: a hostile force operating under new and unpredictable circumstances that give the United States UU A big advantage.

As I say, you should be grateful for Iran's efforts to visit the Gulf of Mexico.

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