‘I refuse to believe this’

Dear Maria, count on me for inspiration

Dear Maria, count on me for inspiration

One TikTok user simply blew the app’s collective mind by revealing that she is the headline “Maria” in the All Time Low song “Dear Maria, Count Me In.”

The 2007 hit, which has recently resurfaced on TikTok with its own challenge, was inspired by user @mariaisinverted, also known as Maria Lucente, 35. She told the Daily Beast that after seeing the song all over the place for the second time, she decided to reveal her true identity.

“When your friends write a song about you as a stripper that makes them famous, but they don’t tell anyone where you work so you don’t earn money,” he wrote in a post that has more than 7 million views.

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“I refuse to believe this,” wrote one TikTok user. “I can’t understand that Maria is a legitimate person.”

“I guess they didn’t tell you after all,” said another.

Lucente told the Daily Beast that she befriended the men from All Time Low, Alex Gaskarth, Zack Merrick, Jack Barakat and Rian Dawson, after attending a few small local shows.

“It was just a group of us and there was never anyone there. So we all became great friends, ”he said.

In the past, Lucente was shy, but began to gain a following on Myspace thanks to her queen of the scene aesthetic. Fresh out of college and looking for work, he started dancing at a strip club to earn money.

When he told his friends, they didn’t believe him at first due to his meek personality, but he clearly had an impact. A few months after informing the All Time Low members about her new adventure, she said that the band’s manager let her know that they were writing a song about her.

He sent her the lyrics of the chorus: “I have your photo / I’m going with you, dear Maria, count on me / There is a story at the bottom of this bottle and I am the pen. She didn’t really understand what they meant, but she let them go on.

When the song broke out, he did not reveal his identity, he did not want his father to know that he was dancing.

In an interview with the American Songwriter in June 2020, All Time Low lead vocalist Alex Gaskarth admitted that a friend who became a stripper inspired the song.

“I didn’t expect that for her, not that there was something wrong with that decision, but it inspired me to tell that story about a girl who does what she has to do to make ends meet and live the life she wants to live,” he she said “And I thought it was a bad story about a bad girl taking control of her life.”

To this day, Lucente keeps in touch with Zack Merrick, the bassist for All Time Low. She shared screenshots of their conversation in which he confirmed that she is the Maria.

Lucente, now a mother of two and a devoted yogi, admitted that she did not intend to become a story, but she is not angry about it.

“I honestly didn’t expect my post to go viral on TikTok. I’ve made posts [about being Maria] before and they never got traction, ”he told BuzzFeed. “This was a purely joyous moment that took off, and I’m still in shock.”

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