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One of the latest moves of the Browns' new general manager, John Dorsey with the Chiefs, was the first-round trade that brought quarterback Patrick Mahomes to Kansas City.

The Browns have moved in the opposite direction in recent years when it comes to acquiring quarterbacks. They have swapped selections that became Carson Wentz and Deshaun Watson, which helped create the opening that Dorsey was hired to fill in Cleveland.

At a press conference on Friday, Dorsey said he met with DeShone Kizer before the draft this year and liked it without saying anything about what that would mean for 2018. Dorsey said he plans to meet with Hue Jackson and others at the organization to talk about what they want to do as a quarterback in this offseason.

Reports from Cleveland sometimes had Jackson and former chief of staff Sashi Brown on different sides of decisions about what to do on the pbading field, something that team owner Jimmy Haslam referred to during the press conference saying I hoped that Jackson and Dorsey could work together better because they both had soccer Lifer background.

Whatever the path they take, there are a lot of draft picks to work with to ensure the Browns get exactly what they want from the draft in 2018. Dorsey said that the excess selection made the team The Browns will not let many players pbad and Haslam made it clear on Friday that turning them into the right quarterback is Dorsey's "No". 1 priority "in his new job.

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