I just found out who my teenager hangs out with

loved one: My son is eager to go out with his friends for the remaining days of summer. We have not known whether the school will be physically in session. He remembered his friends and realized that the lock was locked and there was nothing to look forward to. So with all the right precautions, I let him go to our local park to play basketball and exercise.

Harriet Cole

I’m talking to some of their friends’ mothers, and they didn’t let their children go to the park. When I asked who he was walking with, it was with his old men in their 20s and 30s working in the park. My son is only 13 years old.

If he is not hanging out with his friends I know or have children his age, then I am not comfortable being out with older people I do not know.

I don’t want to tell her that she can’t go to the park anymore, but I don’t think she would understand that I don’t want her to hang out with these old new friends. How can I give him freedom even while protecting him?

Quarantine mother

Dear Chaturthi Mother: This is simple. Your son should not go and play with unknown men who are unknown to him. Period.


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