I hope that Giannis makes these cowards cry on national television

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The start of the NBA playoffs always brings one or two series that, when viewed on the calendar, provoke a collective cry from fans around the world: "Can we skip this one?" At first glance, the Bucks-Pistons series, which has the number one favorite in the Eastern Conference against a favorite of Blake Griffin-less 8, falls into this category of games that can be skipped. The final score of Game 1, 121-86 in favor of the Bucks, does not present many reasons to see the remaining three games.

But! What would happen if I told you that in fact there is a good reason to see the rest of the Bucks-Pistons series, and that the reason is this: Giannis Antetokounmpo is going to make the Pistons make fun of him so much that in the fourth quarter of the Game 4 will be huddled in the center of the court, crying and trembling and asking for a mercy that they will not receive.

Antetokounmpo scored 24 points and grabbed 17 rebounds in solo 23 minutes during Game 1. The only conclusion that can be drawn from the performance is that the Pistons, like all other teams in the league, can not do anything to stop this player. Antetokounmpo went where he wanted on the ground and did what he wanted to do once he got there; He was much bigger, stronger and worse than anyone else who jumped off the screen like a video game boss. In response, the Pistons did what teams often do angry and overcome, and tried to get rough with Antetokounmpo. Former Buck Thon Maker sent the Greek Freak to the ground on a trip to the beginning of the game, and in the second half Andre Drummond gave up all pretense:

If there's one thing we've learned about Antetokounmpo when he came to his powers in recent seasons, it's that he can be a real bastard on the court. He told everyone that Ben Simmons is a "damn baby" for no other reason than Simmons got in his way. What do you think he's going to do now that Drummond and the Pistons have upset him?

You can only see an excellent NBA player transform into a superstar who destroys the world so many times in your life, and this season has offered us the opportunity to see Antetokounmpo do that. This is his first playoff series as the most unstoppable force in basketball, and now he has a squad of petulant thickets in front of him, just begging to be humiliated. If Antetokounmpo decides to grant their wish, it will be worth it to tune it.

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