“I have to respectfully disagree”

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) – Green Bay Packers president Mark Murphy is speaking out on social injustice, and shared his thoughts with fans and community members by posting a video on Saturday afternoon.

Packers players have asked their owners to speak out and take action against racism, and although the team does not own it, Murphy is stepping up.

“We think this is an issue that clearly affects the black community, but it is not just up to the black community to solve this problem. It’s on all of us, “Murphy said. “I often hear from fans that we should just stay out of the game. I have to respectfully disagree. There is a long history of speaking out for positive change in sports – Jesse Owens, Jackie Robinson. And right here in Green Bay, Vince Lombardy. He was ahead of his time when some players in the league signed and supported black players. Had we not had 13 world championships for Vince Lombardi. He also went to local businesses and said ‘if you discriminate against my black players, your business is limited for the whole country. “

In the video, Murphy also called on NFL owners to help fight racism.

“They hold powerful, privileged positions, and can make a big difference. And obviously they all have close relationships with everyone in their organizations. It is time to make changes. As an organization, we will continue to find ways to support the black community because Black Lives Matter. Fighting racism is not an issue that the Packers will shy away from, ”said Murphy.

Murphy announced an additional $ 250,000 grant for social justice on top of the $ 500,000 already pledged in Saturday’s video.

In addition, Murphy announced that Johnsonville Tailgate Village would be a polling station for the upcoming November election.

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