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I feel free when I’m in the field – ProFootballTalk


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Wide receiver Josh Gordon played his first game in nearly three years in Los Angeles on Sunday and the Browns did not do much to facilitate the action.

Gordon was attacked with 11 pbades by DeShone Kizer and caught four of them for an 85-yard team. That number could have been even greater if Kizer had been more accurate in some of the pitches, but Gordon had a remarkable catch to set up the Browns' lone touchdown in a 19-10 defeat and generally looked at home in the field. despite the prolonged dismissal.

"I feel free when I'm outside," Gordon said through Cleveland.com. "My business is there, people know what I'm talking about and it's a great feeling."

Gordon said he was tired in the fourth quarter, which is to be expected and something that should be a minor problem in the remaining four games while recovering his legs. That may not be enough for the Browns to get their first win of the year, but having a player with Gordon's talent is not going to hurt his chances.

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