‘I appreciate and see women who can do all this, but I am not among them’

46-year-old actress Eva Mendes is opening up about epidemic upbringing and taking time out of acting to become a mother. (Photo: Philippe Faron / Getty Images)

Eva Mendes is taking time out of Hollywood to raise her two daughters – though she is no longer making a comeback that the girls are older.

46-year-old actress known for films Hitch And training Day, But has not worked since 2014 Lost riverDirected by, longtime love Ryan Gosling. In a new interview with Sydney morning herald, Mendness becomes clear about choosing to focus on motherhood; She also oversees her fashion line for New York and Company.

“I think so, it didn’t go away as far as my ambition is, it’s just shifted on the kids,” Mendes says, referring to two daughters, Esmeralda, 6, and 4-year-old Amada , She shares with Dosling.

“I applaud and see women who can do all this, but I’m not one of them – and, thankfully, I have the option of not working and I realize how lucky I am to have this There is also an option. I am very happy to be able to incubate with my children, but now that they are 4 and 6, I feel like my ambition is coming back, “she tells the Australian newspaper.

Mendes and Gosling (pictured in 2012) have two daughters.  (Photo: Sonia Rekia / Getty Image)
Mendes and Gosling (pictured in 2012) have two daughters. (Photo: Sonia Rekia / Getty Image)

The upbringing during the epidemic in Los Angeles has been as busy for Mendes and Gosling as anyone else.

“Sometimes it feels like we’re running some kind of bed and breakfast with very drunk and aggressive guests,” Mendes jokes. “We really feel like we are working in a hotel, and the guests are angry and asking for the boss and the food they bring. And until they fall asleep, we just stop cleaning and talk about how they have treated us that day! ”

She says, “When we feel like we’re just in it”, as all parents do during these times, we remind ourselves that these are good times, because we’re all together And we are safe now. ”

Although she is known for being extremely private, Mendes recently shared some fun moments on her social media, including a busy yellow-and-blue painting by her daughter Amada.

“Current mood,” Mendes captioned the photo. “But how does my 4-year-old know how to fully hold it?”

In previous photographs, Mendes refers to the chaos of caring for two little ones during a challenging period. Back in May, she posted documenting the colorful decoration of her daughters’ mother’s face, complete with bright blue eyes and scratches on the forehead.

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