President Donald Trump is using his power of forgiveness to keep a couple of turkeys from the Thanksgiving roaster. (November 21)

Donald Trump forgives the turkey, Drumstick, while his son Barron, on the right, watches during the turkey pardon ceremony at the White House in Washington on November 21. (Photo: AFP)

President Trump sent a message of Thanksgiving to the nation on Thursday: It's time to be very grateful. To the.

In a tweet first thing in the morning, Trump wrote: "your country is starting to do really well, jobs are coming back, the stock market is higher NEVER, the military is really strong, we will build the MURO, VA taking care of to our veterinarians, great judge of the Supreme Court, RECORD CUT IN REGS, the lowest unemployment in 17 years ….! "

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Trump celebrates Thanksgiving at Mar-a-Lago, his private club in Palm Beach, Florida.

In a videoconference with members of the armed forces later in the morning, Trump praised and thanked the troops for their service. He also praised the military advances under his leadership and told the troops, without giving further details, that they are now allowed to do things that the previous administration did not allow them to do.

"They are very, very special people," he said. "You're fighting for something real, you're fighting for something good," he said.

Trump also told the troops that he was working on "big, fat, beautiful tax cuts."

Earlier this week, Trump tweeted that he was not getting enough credit for securing the release of three college basketball players arrested in China.

"It was not the White House, it was not the State Department, it was not the so-called LaVar camp people in China that got their son out of a long-term prison sentence – I WAS ME," he tweeted.

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Following the conclusion of Trump's recent 12-day trip to Asia, he declared last week: "My fellow citizens, The United States has returned, and the future never seemed brighter. "

Among the achievements that Trump cited are his efforts to restore "free and reciprocal trade" and bring together world leaders against the dual threats of a nuclear-armed North Korea and radical Islamic terrorism. "The days when the United States took advantage of it have ended," he promised, without announcing any new policy changes.

Before leaving Washington for Mar-a-Lago, Trump delivered the traditional message of unity, thanks and blessings ahead of the holidays.

"This Thursday, when we give thanks for our dear loved ones, we also renew our bonds of trust, loyalty and affection among our fellow citizens as members of a proud national family of Americans," he said. comments scripted


Millions of travelers will hit the road, board planes and hire trains to get to their Thanksgiving destination. Sometimes the trip will be perfect, but you must be prepared for delays during this busy time of year.

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