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Hyundai recalls almost 88,000 vehicles due to the risk of fire

Hyundai has some bitter news for the owners of Azeras 2006-2011 and Sonatas 2006, since it determined that the water inlet in the antilock brake module could cause an electric short circuit that could cause a fire in the engine compartment, even if the vehicle is not running.

This retreat is not massive, it affects only 87,854 vehicles, although it is difficult to imagine that there are so many Azeras on the road after all this time, with entropy being what it is. That said, Hyundai expects the recall to begin around February 23 and will start notifying the owners of the affected cars at that time.

The removal of the ABS module affects Hyundai Azeras 2006-2011 and Hyundai Sonatas 2006 and involves a fire risk.

IFCAR / Wikimedia Commons

The solution for this short potential involves distributors who install a relay on the vehicle's main fuse panel that would eliminate the possibility of the ABS module shutting down when the car is turned off. Hyundai will carry out this repair at no cost to the owner of the vehicle, although it is not clear if this solves the problem of the shorts when the vehicle is on.

The default document of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration mentions that there has been only one instance of smoke, which took place here in the USA. UU and an example of an overheated ABS module that occurred in South Korea.

We have communicated with Hyundai to get more comments, but we have not received a response yet. We will keep you informed.

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