Hypothetical Chicago Bears trade by QB Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson’s hype for the Chicago Bears is on full blast. This after it was revealed that the Pro-Bowl quarterback would consider a trade to four teams, including the Bears.

While Wilson hasn’t requested a trade from the Seattle Seahawks, he appears to be unhappy with the lack of protection on the offensive line. So there are definitely tensions between both sides. Whether that results in an exchange remains to be seen.

But even if Wilson isn’t on the trading block yet, general manager Ryan Pace should kick down the Seahawks’ door for a chance to bring a star quarterback to Chicago, especially considering he would save his own job beyond 2021 .

Pro Football Focus proposed a hypothetical trade from the Bears, which would include a pair of defensive cleats and a pair of first-round picks.

The Bears would receive Wilson for the following:

OLB Khalil Mack CB Jaylon Johnson 2021 First Round Pick 2022 First Round Pick

It’s hard to say there is a player not on the table when it comes to trading for a star quarterback, especially a franchise that has historically been poor at the quarterback position. Even a stud like Mack.

While Chicago appears to be the least attractive of the four options, along with the Dallas Cowboys, New Orleans Saints and the Las Vegas Raiders, Wilson would like a chance to trade the Bears franchise.

Still, if Chicago offers more, the Seahawks already have a green light from Wilson to trade him to the Bears. It might also help that the Saints might be interested in demanding that Teddy Bridgewater Y the Cowboys working to keep Dak Prescott in Dallas.

But we are getting ahead of ourselves here. Seattle insists they have no plans to trade Wilson this offseason, and we’ll see if they stick to that plan.


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