hypoglycaemia: Diabetes can result in hypoglycaemia – know the signs and act promptly


By Dr V Mohan

Among the varied issues arising out of diabetes, the nation sees greater than 1 million instances per 12 months of extreme ‘hypoglycaemia’ generally often known as ‘low blood sugar’. Ill-managed diabetes is the first reason behind this complication that may be recognized by the next signs: confusion, coronary heart palpitations, shakiness and anxiousness. A candy snack turns out to be useful for its fast administration.

When the blood glucose ranges fall, the physique often places out the above indicators and signs that one is operating low on vitality and wishes a sugary snack. It is essential ‘hypo’ episode is handled shortly. If it’s left untreated, the blood glucose stage continues to fall and the particular person may turn out to be unconscious or can have a convulsion (match) related to low blood sugar ranges. In extreme circumstances, hypoglycaemia may be (albeit not often) deadly.

Hypoglycaemia is outlined as blood glucose ranges under 70 mg/dl with signs and under 60 mg/dl even with out signs. The widespread signs of hypoglycaemia embrace weak spot, drowsiness, confusion, starvation, dizziness or light-headedness, sleepiness, paleness, headache, irritability, trembling, nervousness, sweating, speedy heartbeat, and a chilly, clammy feeling.

According to the Hypoglycaemia Assessment Tool (HAT) examine, the incidence of hypoglycaemia is appreciable the world over and folks with sort 2 diabetes might expertise as much as 19 episodes in a single 12 months. It is recommended that hypoglycaemia is an underestimated trigger for loss of life and heart problems in individuals with diabetes however few research have been carried out in India to evaluate the burden of hypoglycaemia.

All people who take insulin, which incorporates all individuals with sort 1 diabetes and a few individuals with sort 2 diabetes, are susceptible to episodes of hypoglycaemia. People with sort 2 diabetes who take insulin-stimulating oral medicine like ‘sulfonylurea’ brokers are additionally vulnerable. There may be many causes of hypoglycaemia, however it has been noticed that it happens extra in individuals with diabetes when meals or snacks are too small, delayed or skipped, extreme doses of insulin or different diabetes drugs are taken by mistake, there may be elevated bodily exercise (train) or resulting from ingesting alcohol.

To badist forestall hypoglycaemia, individuals with diabetes ought to all the time do the next:

Diabetes can lead to hypoglycaemia - know the symptoms and act promptly
– Follow one’s meal plan: This is crucial for managing diabetes. People with diabetes ought to eat common meals, have sufficient meals/carbohydrates at every meal, and check out to not skip meals or snacks.

– Follow each day self-monitoring: Monitoring of blood sugar can forestall a big proportion of hypoglycaemia. It is very vital to examine blood glucose earlier than sports activities, train or different bodily exercise, to have a snack if the extent is under 100 mg/dl and to regulate the remedy earlier than and after bodily exercise.

– Carry non–perishable snacks and candies: It is important that every one individuals with diabetes all the time carry snacks like a packet of biscuits with them to stop hypoglycaemia in case of delayed meals resulting from any cause like site visitors jam or prolonged conferences.

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– Regulate use of alcoholic drinks: Drinking alcoholic drinks, particularly on an empty abdomen, may cause hypoglycaemia, even a day or two later. Alcoholic drinks ought to all the time be consumed with a snack or meal and naturally the amount should be restricted.

– Keep a watch in your each day routine: If the each day routine must be modified to accommodate uncommon train similar to throughout buying, taking sufficient snacks can forestall hypoglycaemia.

– Follow the diabetes remedy routine prescribed by your physician: Many scientific trials have proved that the incidence of hypoglycaemia may be lowered by means of fashionable insulins or tablets which supply higher physiological and extra predictable time-action profiles than the standard anti- diabetic medicine.

If you’re a particular person with diabetes…

In most people with high BP, no specific single cause for the hypertension can be identified.

Recognise the signs of hypoglycaemia and deal with them by shortly consuming or ingesting one thing with sugar, similar to Three-5 candies, ½ cup juice, or a daily (not weight-reduction plan) gentle drink, or by taking particular glucose tablets. Most individuals with diabetes might help themselves throughout episodes of gentle hypoglycaemia. In extreme instances, if they’re unconscious, they’ll want the badistance of others. It is subsequently advisable that you simply carry an ‘I’ve diabetes’ card with you together with your identify and call particulars of an in depth member of the family and on the again of the cardboard particulars of what to do in case you are discovered unconscious because it might be resulting from a low-sugar response.

(The author is Chairman & Chief of Diabetology, Dr Mohan’s Diabetes Specialities Centre & Madras Diabetes Research Foundation, Chennai)

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