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If you take a look from the window of your caravan while crossing Hyderabad, Ivanka Trump will see little land, no dog, and a previously monotonous bridge painted the color of a rainbow in his honor.

The target The counselor, entrepreneur and presidential daughter will descend to the southern Indian city on Tuesday for an annual summit to connect entrepreneurs with potential sponsors, which this year focuses on the empowerment of women.

The guest list is long and includes senior government officials from India, although the true star of the program is beyond doubt. Ivanka is everywhere in Hyderabad this week: in the televised clips played by the news channels; on billboards next to the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi; and like the radiant face of a mannequin outside of Mohammed Cap Mart, a bustling shop near the Charminar mosque of medieval times.

Hundreds of Hyderabadis have flocked to the store to get selfies with the mannequin Ivanka and one of his father, Donald, and even with one with the face of her husband, Jared Kushner.

"He's famous," said Mohammad Ilyas Bukhari, the shop owner. "Who does not know about Trump's son-in-law?"

A student, Faisal, posing between the model Ivanka dressed in a modest felt dress and the president of the United States with a characteristic red tie on a bulging stomach, said: "I am excited for one thing, she comes, and then the government is cleaning the roads, we are happy only for this reason. "

Ivanka will give an opening speech on Tuesday, and a dinner with Modi is scheduled for the same day at the Taj Falaknuma, a glittering palace converted into a luxury hotel. Workers and police also descended on Golkonda Fort, an archaeological wonder that dominates the city, where a lunch is likely to be held in his honor.

For most Hyderabadis, the summit will only be experienced as a remarkable change of image of their city. The roads have been told, the murals have been retouched and the lights have been scattered along the roads that Ivanka will take to various places.

Rumors about the zeal of cleanliness have caused tension. A news report last week claimed that stray dogs were transported to a government center and slaughtered.

JD Wilson, the deputy director of the city's veterinary department, strongly denies the allegation. "Being a Christian and a veterinarian, I know the importance of animals," he said. "We do not kill animals, we are simply trapping them for their welfare."

Dogs are being sterilized in "animal birth control centers" and will be returned to their street habitats after three or four days, he insists. "It's our usual practice."

Still, nobody denies that dogcatchers have been working hard: nine alleys were removed from Ivanka's hotel, local media reported.

Another rumor, that the homeless people of Hyderabad have been driven out of town to be out of Ivanka's sight, attracted an appropriate response. "These are false news," said Vinoy Kumar Singh, general director of Telengana state prisons. "We started our campaign against the threat of begging three months ago."

In fact, says Singh, to prove that the unit of homeless people had nothing to do with the arrival of Ivanka, ordered it to be suspended after the stories circulated, and will not restart until December 1.

The Guardian has visited the facilities where the homeless have been taken, a copper-colored building next to a city prison in the southern districts of the city. About 262 people were picked up in the month before the program was suspended, said K Subhash, a service officer.

About 50 men remained and the rest was again taken care of by relatives in Telangana or neighboring states, Subhash said.

The men seemed at ease in the installation: clean, fed and dressed in fresh clothes. "I do not know who Ivanka is, but I'm happy that he came to Hyderabad," said one. "I have been transferred to this ashram and I have tea and food on time."

All those questioned in the city agreed that Ivanka was a welcome guest, although her precise duties in the White House did not seem as clear to the Indians as they are to most Americans. "She is working hard to develop the center and the states through agriculture," offered one man, Udaykumar.

What will matter most to India is the symbolic power of its presence, a sign of healthy relationships between the Modi government and Donald Trump's administration.

"People have tried different ways to get involved [with Trump] whether it's the Chinese government, playing golf with Shinzō Abe and eating hamburgers at the club," said Dhruva Jaishankar, a foreign policy fellow at Brookings India. "It's part of diplomacy to have that personal touch."

For the Indians, said Jaishankar, it is not usual for politics to be a family business. Sanjay Gandhi, the son of former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, was known to administer a national program of mbad sterilization; his grandson, Rahul, is preparing to become the fourth member of the family to inherit the leadership of the Congress Party next month.

"It does not arouse as many looks in India as it does in the United States," he said.

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