Husband, wife die apart 4 minutes COVID

– Johnny Lee Peoples and Kathy Darlene Peoples had run “hands and hands” for 50 years – including this life. North Carolina couple-67 and 65, respectively- COVID-19 died within minutes at a hospital in Salisbury on Sept 2, according to joint speculators. His son, Shane Peeples, says they were on hand until the very end. He was hoping that the pair would pull up. But “everything just went bad” during his 30-day illness, People tells WBTV. Both his parents were placed in the ICU approximately two weeks after developing coronovirus symptoms, including fever and loss of taste. Two weeks later, the couple were brought into the same ICU room to say their goodbyes. “They put their hands together, the nurses gathered and they passed from each other within four minutes,” Peeples says.

It was right in a way. The couple, living together for 50 years and married for 48 years, “went to heaven holding hands together and holding hands together,” Peeples says. But he still feels that he was robbed. “He said that Mom and Dad’s lives were stolen by a virus, with many joking on a daily basis or simply believing it to be some kind of deception,” he wrote in a Facebook post, per The people. “Both took this epidemic seriously and are still ill, yet dead.” They were “the most loving, most caring, affectionate and devoted parents” and “a blessing to everyone who meets them,” he continued. “I only wish I could fill their shoes.” He recommends masks, hand washing and social distance for all. And he wrote, “Capture your family.” “Love and keep on loving.” This would have been done by his parents. (Read more Coronavirus stories)