Husband, wife charged with felony assault after her mother and daughter were pointed at Orion Twp with a gun. after the discussion

A fiery exchange between an armed woman and a mother and daughter in an Orion Twp. The restaurant parking lot ended with a gun that was pulled out and pointed.

In the videos posted on Twitter and YouTube, the armed woman is pointing a gun at the mother and yelling “Back off!” The mother holding the camera can be heard saying “get the badge” and asking them to call the police.

The heated exchange seems to come from when the woman ran into her mother’s daughter when they entered the restaurant. After the mother apologized to the woman, the disagreement turned into a scream before pulling out a gun.

During a press conference Thursday afternoon, Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard announced that the woman and man driving the vehicle were charged with criminal battery, a 4-year felony.

Shortly after Bouchard finished her press conference, Oakland County Attorney Jessica Cooper announced that Jillian Wuestenberg, 32, and Eric Wuestenberg, 42, were charged with serious crimes. Both are expected to be processed in Rochester on Thursday.

Two different videos were found online. One shows it from the mother and the other from the point of view of the sidewalk. You can watch the two videos below.

In a longer separate video first shared by the Detroit News before uploading to YouTube, it shows the original disagreement that started at the restaurant’s entrance.

According to Bouchard, the argument is believed to have started after two people ran into each other as one was getting out of a Chipotle.

“Apparently, what happened (there) was a common theme between the two (stories): the 3 of them headed inside Chipotle and a woman came out with her food, there was a blow as they entered and left,” he said.

Bouchard said someone felt they needed an apology and “escalated from there.” He said it was not clear who the attackers were.

The video shows explicit language being yelled at on both sides as the white woman crawls to the side of her car before backing up behind him. As she backs off, she says to people, “Don’t jump behind my car.” The woman holding the camera continues to yell at the person filming before returning to the passenger seat of the car and leaves.

“This ignorant woman ran into a 15-year-old girl and you are in front of the camera and feel threatened,” said the person holding the second camera.

The woman responds, “You are blocking me from getting into my car.”

At this point, a man in a purple shirt who was sitting in the driver’s seat of the car walks toward the scene, opens the passenger door, and the woman enters. After getting in their car, the two sides continue to argue, with accusations of Racism being verbalized.

“You are very racist and ignorant,” shouts the person who films.

“This is not that kind of world. White people are not racist. No one is racist. I care about you, I care about you and I am sorry if you had an incident that has made someone feel that way.” the woman said from the car. “No one is racist.”

A slight pause in screaming begins when the car backs up. When one of the women walks behind the vehicle, she starts to back up, causing her to yell “Are you going to hit me?” and slap the vehicle multiple times.

The vehicle stops and that’s when the woman gets out, seen preparing her firearm.

“Get out of me!” the white woman yells when she gets out of the vehicle. At this point, the original video shared on Twitter begins.

The person who posted the original video said it was her nieces and mother who were involved in the scene. She later commented that the police had been called and arrested, then took her gun from her.

Bouchard said both suspects were carrying loaded weapons and that both had legal concealed pistol licenses (CPLs).