Hunter Shaffer’s Week: A New York Tornado

Hunter Scheffer’s eyes bore a hole through the wall of her gray hotel room, caressing her left cheek, though wishing hard enough, she could explain the events of the day when she remembered the surface Was trying

“Let’s see, I know I received the Gotham Award yesterday …?” 21-year-old transgender model and breakout star of HBOexcitement“Said in a video call earlier this month.

Not quite – the ceremony took place the day before.

“Mine is bad,” he said, smiling in a light blue hoodie and black Carhartt-style jacket, just one afternoon after returning from a New York outdoor photo shoot. “Time is confusing right now.”

The past one and a half years have been a whirlwind for Scheffer as he made his acting debut as Jules opposite Zudaya’s addict-ridden Juice, the Emmy-winning drama series on “Euphoria”, a Southern California high on Indicates the temptation of drug use. school. Shaffer transforms into a sensitive, goth-brittle performance as a 17-year-old transgender girl who struggles with depression, bullying, and gender dysphoria and has a love interest that remains unspoken.

And now he is taking another leap – in writing. Shaffer co-wrote the second special episode of the show, which premiered on Sunday HBO Max with producer Sam Levinson of “Euphoria”. “The writing process took months,” she said. “There was a week where we spent hours on the phone every day finishing the episode.”

Scheffer tracked her cultural diary in New York for the 30th annual Gotham Independent Film Awards earlier this month, falling asleep to screaming music two days after Red-Eye’s arrival on January 2. These are parts of the conversation.

I got some sleep on my red-eye flight to New York, where I would perform at the Gotham Independent Film Awards on Monday night. I heard “Cajalinaire“Soundtrack in the car on my way to my hotel in Soho. How beautiful I am Emile MoseriThe lyrics are – I am constantly listening to them.

I walked around downtown listening to this Aaron Cartier album that one of my LA friends put me on, “Aaron Cartier’s Best Dog. “It’s energetic and my New York endorphin is going. Then I sat on the bed and watched the series finale of “Veneno”, my favorite show I’ve been watching lately. It made me super emo, but it has some of the best depictions of trans characters I’ve seen on TV in a very long time – maybe ever.

I went to dinner with some friends in my pod Cajunnori, Which is this sushi place with amazing hand rolls. They wrap them right there and freshen them up, so the seaweeds are still crispy and the rice is very soft. Upgraded upgrade from pre-packaged packaged microwave food. Then my friend and I entered this street lingerie shop, Botanical, And got these little stripper dresses – just for fun, because it is important to dress and put on a show for themselves in quarantine.

Back at my hotel, I watched the anime movie “Ghost in the Shell“To sleep, which was scary and gave me simulation vibes. Being in that existential prime location affected my dreams in a strange way.

I am really bad about hitting the snooze button in the morning, so I must have something very annoying to wake me up – I just use annoying iPhone alarms regularly. But i’m sleeping too Cajalinaire Soundtrack, so I get very few bits in my five minutes before my alarm goes off again.

One thing that has changed since the onset of the epidemic is my shower routine. When I’m filming, I get obsessed that my friend told me that you can do this, where at the end of your shower, you cool the nozzle all the way around and give yourself Let sit in cold water for 30 seconds. It brings you to life.

I used to pick my outfits the night before in high school, but, now that I’m living out of a suitcase, I’ve edited my wardrobe so that every kind goes with each other, so I’ll ever I am also not stressed. Regarding whether my dress makes sense. One of my favorite t-shirts is from the LA brand Teej Come, Hats are super bright and colorful with beautiful prints of animated characters.

Hair and makeup came to prepare me Gotham awards. I wore a Bondage-y dress by Matthew Williams Givenchy The collection, with a belt filled with gold paddles and a necklace from my friend Darius Khonsri’s new jewelry collection, Darius Jewels. She has created this incredible collection of gold, antique looking pieces that are modern and mythological as well.

I sat at my own table, socially distant from the other presenter, at the Gotham Awards ceremony in Cipriani Wall Street. I gave the Short Form Breakthrough Series Award, which I was very happy to see “I may hear you“Victory. When the show came out to me last year – it was [expletive] is incredible. I am very big Michela Cuckoo fan.

I returned to my hotel around 10 o’clock, where I ordered some fried rice of vegetables and took off my underwear. Then I scrolled through my friends’ Instagram stories. Gogo Graham, Who is a fashion designer, has an amazing feed – I am very happy every time she releases new garments. And Dara Allen, The stylist and model I used to work with is a dream – I am thrilled with the amazing look she created from her wild collection of clothes.

I’ve been listening to a lot of diverse music lately: “Diving, “Davia Spain’s Jazzy Debut Album and Rapper Qua Dash’s EP”Transphobic. “And my friend Tweaks just came out with a new EP,”Now old,“Which is this futuristic, experimental thing.

I came to know about this album,Hunter Shaffer’s Boyfriend, By an artist named ” The chase After someone tagged me on Twitter. I was like, “What is this?” Then I heard it, and it’s really sick. I really enjoyed it – there is something electronic and poppy about it, but there are elements of rap as well and maybe a little shout.

I went to a Japanese restaurant, AOI Kitchen, With three themed mini houses – there were flowers on the wall, and it looked like a small fairy house. It didn’t feel like I was in New York. They had really good tofu, mushrooms and sake. Then I went back to my hotel and listened to some screaming music before I relaxed more – some songs Choline, Which will sound like some plants.

I like drawing from the window at my hotel in New York, coffee in hand – this is my one day dream. I love Baseless, Egon Shelley And Monk adams. I go through the waves where I actually get into drawing for a couple of weeks, then I set it aside a bit because I don’t find that creative. Hopefully I am going to go through another round soon.

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