Google and DeepMind introduced a device to predict when the wind will hit, make wind power more efficient.

Where the world economy remains dependent on fossil fuels, in recent years, green energy is not only costing less, but today it is better to produce electricity. Currently, it is a smaller wind power, with 1 MWh of energy built from $ 45 (about $ 12,500). But it might be even cheaper if we always knew where the wind was. Google and DeepMind would do this now.

According to the Newsletter, they have been auditing for a period of time as learning tools can make use of more efficient wind turbines. Since 2018, the system has been a regular data collection process, involving weather forecast information and a windmill. The computer has changed so that it can predict wind power 36 hours in advance. This largely enables electricity to be generated from wind power, which is 20 per cent more valuable from the Google network.

Not only does this mean that it can help spread wind power, but it also proves that learning a machine is much more than impacting on human enemies in StarCraft II.

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