One of the best guitar players in the world is coming to Hungary

Al Di Meola is going to act on the Örvényeshegy Zalacsányi Piknik.

This is the first time that Zalacsány's three-day full-fledged festival, the Örvényeshegy Picnic, will open with the concert of Al Di Meola one of the world's best guitarists announced the organizers. composer and producer, one of the most well-known representatives of fusion jazz, who has tried many musical styles in his career and has worked with many renowned performers. In addition to fusion jazz and Latin jazz, he also mixes world music, flamenco and funk. He started his career in the Return to Forever formation in the mid-1970s, but has been releasing albums since 1976. He is primarily regarded as the master of electric and acoustic guitars. In the last 42 years, he has made 25 own records, the latest Opus released in February.

In addition to the Grammy Award-winning Di Meola, Band of Balázs Szabó Mátyás Pribojszki Band and ] Jonah Vera Experiment . Momentan Society will improve and literary lovers will be entertained by and by György Molnár by Daniel Sarró .

The first Örvényeshegy Picnic will be held in Zalacsány, Zala County, between May 25-27.

Featured Image: Getty Images / WireImage / Daniel Knighton

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