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It Convents America for Arany Life | Brand Trend

The Hungarian HBO's Success Story, of Aranyélet was launched in 2015 for its conquest . First, Hungarian spectators and critics were impressed by the series on the life of the Miklós family, followed by the second season in 2016, which raised the winnings and showed a surprising turn-over to the spectators. HBO Europe has been presenting the series in 19 countries since 1919, as well as in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Spain and Eastern Europe in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina can be seen on HBO GO.

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<p> There are so many things in Hungary the HBO's most successful series, the Battle of the Throne, in several categories The third and final season coming to October is a huge anticipation, and everyone is wondering how the story of the Mikloses ends. </p>
<p> <strong> From August 1, the US will also be available for the series the first two seasons, so that they can get acquainted with this everywhere in Hungary. </strong> Aranyelet_s1_photo (2) ” width=”7360″ height=”4912″ srcset=”http://brandtrend.hu/media/2018/07/Aranyelet_s1_photo-2.jpg 7360w, http://brandtrend.hu/media/2018/07/Aranyelet_s1_photo-2-253×169.jpg 253w, http://brandtrend.hu/media/2018/07/Aranyelet_s1_photo-2-547×365.jpg 547w” sizes=”(max-width: 7360px) 100vw, 7360px”/> </p>
<p> During the first season of the series, Miklós family lived in seemingly luxurious conditions for a long time in fact they were maintained by the smaller or larger sticks of the head of the family. But when Attila decided to continue to live fairly, everything was on top of her head. It turned out that everybody else imagines the future and the family is completely disintegrated. In the second season, Miklos must go back from scratch. Or perhaps even deeper, since all of them are accompanied by the past and can not delay to face the consequences of their decisions. In Attila's life, a long-dead friend appears who soon turns out to be not the one he seems to be. Janka is still unable to honor her husband on a good trip, so this time she is going to be irreversible. Brand starts in his own business, but he's a bit too risky. Mira finds and immediately loses the love she is trying to process with drastic means. <br /> (BrandTrend) </p>
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