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Index – Culture – The best Venom preview ever arrived

The world has enough superhero – announces the second leg of the Venom movie, which promises three minutes of new excitement compared to the first April trailer that even says to embrace the anti-heroism in our bosom

The first teaser trailer of the film was not a disappointment with fans, as Eddie Brock's figure was only visible in the pre-transition state. Tom Hardy reported on this in an Instagram post with rumors that until the end of the film we will not see the transformed Eddie Brock (possibly the whole movie), then the first real preview of the film dispelled the doubts, and in the second trailer

Hardy Spider-Man One of the most famous enemies in the movie, Venom, is one of the favorite characters of the actor and says he has dreamed of being included in the Sony Venom Cinema in which with the exception of Michelle Williams (Blue Valentine, Old Town, Too Friendship, One Week to Marilyn), Riz Ahmed (Night Worm, Four Lions, Jessica Singles), Jenny Slate and Woody Harrelson (Zombieland, True Detective, Ebbing).

The Venom is recorded by the director of Zombieland and Gangster, Ruben Fleischer, the Hungarian premier will be on October 4.

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