Esport 1 – All Esport in 1 Place!

The table next changed after the sixth visit of the MNEB PUBG, but no decision has been reached yet!

A week later, the sixth edition of the Hungarian Nation Championship competition PUBG has arrived. 2LyonGood4U December, and Szl1s, which was rewarded with a false flag in December, have reinforced the RIFT team. Let's see what happened on this ominous night!

First game

In the day of opening, we may experience a dramatic fall, accidentally seeing accidents and fatal errors, which came to fruition at last. The match was very good at a time when all the waves over the head of RIFT Esports were at odds with each other, and at last the game went out.

After that, the first cook was lost when Ravens Ravens lost a game when he came to the last game, and they got two beats, which Tethrys took by themselves, but didn't try to shoot them or shoot them. burning. Eventually he drove the boys out into the first game with 15 goals!

The second game

Unfortunately, the first dead tournament in the second game was HULLA_SZILVA, unfortunately running into one of Gillean nan Gillean's representatives. But the AOCB was delighted for the Dia, because this time the team won the previous game – the Ravens Grim – the first to welcome the game. Shortly afterwards Koviiiii handed over a fine 1v2 against the players of LvL Up, killing them on the ground.

Eventually the finals were reduced to Los Leones, making the final game in a tough manner, unlike Miramar. The victory of the usual Miramram was huge and at the beginning of the 9th round there were still 17 players. Then, of course, the groove train started, the players had not fallen in any time, and the players of MGFE Spirit emerged from uncertainty. RoNin broke down the last game, but lost little.

The third game

The final decision on the good day showed a good bit of military militaryism, giving many players to play slam. At the beginning of the game, we saw a good 1v2 from WARMASH1NE, then shortly afterwards the iNcentive PUBG faced One Piece in their tour.

At the end of the game, the circle widened the players around the grassy area around the bottom, where the Gillean struck out from a plague team at the last moment. There was a small flipper of sniper, and a little stag, and then the gamekeepers Gruinard pulled this game, with 13 murder!

After the Games, the album was last created: t

Nice Gaming lost his lead, and the harsh ravens could win 400 points and these two games were very difficult. Don't forget that we have only one trip with three games, and we're looking at the differences close to putting up the basic season with one of the top 3 teams. Flank must be putting his pants on if he wants to start the first time, but it is not a difficult challenge. The Wonder Stag can get into the top 3 smoothly, and much more can be exchanged in the second half of the table. We can start to measure final results slowly, but at the last version anybody can surprise. If the Flank is capable of attracting another woman like its fourth tour, they all have the opportunity to benefit.


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