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Tech: Never seen Mayan cave paintings on the Yucatan Peninsula

Tech: Never seen May Cave Caves found on the Yucatan Peninsula – HVG.com Do you Want to Learn About The Most Important News Now Do not Please [{“available”:true,”c_guid”:”bc5a0d05-cf1e-4099-bce9-b9cd21089ffb”,”c_author”:”Gergely Zsófia”,”category”:”itthon”,”description”:”Nincs két hete, hogy …

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An aircraft landed in Mexico

A plane crashed in Durahgo, Mexico, with 101 people on board – the BBC reported on the misfortune. Aeroméxico airline wrote on its Twitter page that they knew about the accident and …

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Index – Abroad – A plane crashed in Mexico

Not long after the plane crash, Aeromexico plane crashed near Guadalupe Victoria International Airport in Durango, Mexico. The wreckage of the Aeromexico machine Photo: Twitter Local media reported it ” data-image_width=”474″ data-image_height=”474″/> …

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