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Artificial intelligence has created surreally bizarre acts

Robbie Barrat is dealing with research in artificial intelligence and has recently been interested in an interesting experiment. Using a so-called Generational Adversarial Network (GAN) algorithm, he analyzed thousands of paintings and then programmed the system to create his own works.

GAN-type algorithms are used for unattended machine learning. In fact, there are two neural networks one of which is the "generator," which creates the images, and the other, "discriminator" network, compares them to the examples seen before

"The generator tries to deceive the discriminator network while the latter attempts to distinguish the real pictures of the works created by the generator, "explained Barrat in his interview with C | NET. "Over time, both networks are doing their job better, so the more we train the GAN, the more realistic results we get."

This seems hard to believe in the images that have been made, but Barrat says that sometimes two parts of GAN are mixed a phenomenon called "local minima", the essence of which is that the generator attempts to deceive the discriminator without any significant development.

Barrett shared the finished works on Twitter's channel, which could be roughly imagined as looking at the works of a more muscular LSD triptych renaissance painter

"Robbie Barrat (@DrBeef_) It's uncomfortable to watch the pictures, "said Barrat. "One thing I do not understand is that the faces are always replaced by purple-yellow pacs, which are not part of the GAN training, so I have not yet figured out where they came from."

The paintings thus created look like only the neural network of Google Deep Dream would have created them.

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