Hundreds of passengers in isolation after 16 tests positive for COVID-19

Reports that a flight of “selfish ‘covidotes and an unqualified crew” from Greece to Wales tested at least 16 passengers positive for COVID-19 and isolated about 200 people in two weeks .

A German-based TUI flight – which flew from Cardiff Island in Zante on 25 August with 193 passengers and seven crew members – was a “defeat” and a “free-for-all” passengers told the BBC.

Health officials said seven people from three different parties believe that the aircraft already had potentially infectious people present, according to the news outlet.

“This flight was a defeat. The chap next to me had his mask on his neck. Not only did the airline not pull him over, they gave him a free drink when he said he knew a crew member, ”passenger Stephanie Whitfield told the BBC.

“Loads of people were taking off their masks and walking up and down the streets to talk to others,” she said.

“As the flight took off, a load of people immediately took off their masks. Whitfield reported on BBC Radio 4’s “Today” show that it was full of selfish ‘covidios’ and an unfit crew who could not care less.

She said she notices a flight attendant asking a woman to put on her mask, “but most people were not being talked to.”

Whitfield said that she and her husband had decided to isolate themselves before finding out about the positive cases, adding that they were being tested because they were experiencing mild symptoms.

Another traveler, Victoria Webb, said she only came to know of the outbreak when her mother sent her a link to a piece of BBC when she was on her way home from Cardiff to London.

Webb told the BBC, “I was surprised and a bit surprised at what the best course of action was.”

“I talked to the train manager who was concerned but professional and eventually, after some discussion with his head office, took me to a car where I was alone for the remainder of the trip,” he said.

Weber said, “We swapped the details so that I could inform him that my test result was back.”

“Contact forms have to be used and communication needs to be fast and thorough so that we know the process is being followed and can measure its effectiveness,” she said.

Passenger Lee Evans described the chaotic scenes at Zante Airport, where he said crews handled the passengers’ mobile phones to check boarding passes.

“It was a free for all to get on the plane,” he told the BBC. “There were people switching seats.”

While crew members noted the need to wear masks, Evans said, “There was not much in terms of policing to kiss customers.” [airplane]. ”

He also said that he and his family received an email instructing them to self-immolate about a week after the flight.

“Someone needs to be taken into consideration,” he told the BBC.

On Monday, TUI said in a statement: “Passengers are informed during the flight before the trip and through PA announcements that they have to wear full masks and are not allowed to roam the cabin.

“Masks can be removed while eating food and drink,” it said.

Outbreak Response Director of Public Health Wales, Drs. Giri Shankar told Sky News that all passengers are at risk of getting the disease.

“We consider all the passengers and crew of the flight to be close contacts of confirmed cases,” he said. “We now know that seven of the 16 confirmed cases on that particular flight were potentially contagious while they were flying.”

A TUI spokesman said the airline was “concerned” about the passengers’ claims.

“Our crew is trained to conform to the highest standards and European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) guidelines,” she told Sky News.

“A full investigation is now underway as these concerns were not reported during the flight or before today.”


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