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"Hundreds" of layoffs in the US UU., In addition to another operating system name: BGR

It does not seem that things will return to normal for Huawei in the short term, despite the fact that President Trump has seen it as a pardon for the Chinese technological giant. Huawei not only continues without buying the parts you need in the US. UU And he's still banned from selling his phones here: the firm also plans to go ahead with "hundreds" of layoffs at its research subsidiary Futurewei Technologies.

In addition, the company is still studying how to move forward with a new mobile operating system for its phones, and probably Huawei will soon be removed from Google's Android operating system. Huawei has registered a trademark of, and has been speaking publicly, its next Hongmeng operating system, but the company has also just introduced a trademark in Europe under the name of "Harmony", which would encompbad and operate the system for mobile devices and computers.

More on the new OS name in just one second. The news of the dismissals, on the other hand, arrives via The Wall Street Journal, which reports that Huawei will allow some Chinese employees of Futurewei (which operates several research laboratories in the US, including in Texas and California) to move to China to remain in the company. Similarly, some employees have already been notified and additional layoffs can still be planned.

The news is excellent. Not surprisingly, given that apparently the status quo will remain between the United States and Huawei until the United States and China resolve their trade differences.

Now, with regards to Huawei's plans to eventually replace Android on their devices – somewhat confusing, there are now three names for a Huawei mobile operating system floating at this time. These names are Hongmeng, Ark OS and now they have been informed by the Dutch technology news site LetsGoDigital that Huawei has presented a trademark with European officials for the name "Harmony". The site reports that the Huawei application is in the Clbad 9 trademark category that includes the description: "mobile operating systems; computer operating systems; downloadable operating system programs".

Not much more is revealed about Huawei's plans here, so that everyone can refer to the same operating system, only different names for different regions of the world. The company's leaders have been saying that they would prefer to stay with Android and not be forced to resort to a new operating system of their own creation. However, Google is currently under a temporary license to continue supplying Huawei phones with Android updates, but that license expires in mid-August. Which means there's not much left in the hourglbad for Huawei to find out what he'll do next in this regard.

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