Hundreds of children may be exposed to coronavirus at Michigan camp

BARRY COUNTY, MI – Health officials say about 250 people who attend camp overnight in southwest Michigan are at risk of coronovirus exposure after many in the camp tested positive for the virus.

Five staff members and a camper at Camp Mikewana near Hastings have tested positive for COVID-19, and one person is considered a possible case due to their symptoms, the Barry-Eaton District Health Department said Thursday, Aug. 6 Announced.

Health officials have warned that anyone who attends a camp camp on or after July 24 may be exposed to the virus. The camp property includes a children’s overnight camp, a family camp and a traditional-style campground – all three were open during a period of potential exposure.

Health officials said about 250 people attended or attended the camp in the last two weeks. Of that total, 1 were children under the age of 1 who attended the children’s over night camp, and were either staff members or attend family-style camps.

The Barry-Eaton District Health Department recommends that the last date of your stay at the camp be for 14 days at risk of self-quarantine at home. Health officials said that individuals should closely examine the symptoms of COVID-19 and immediately test if symptoms develop.

Michigan has seen outbreaks of COVID-19 in child-care centers and camps in recent weeks. On Thursday, Gretchen Whitmer said that all Michigan child-care centers and camps must have face cover mandated.

Whitmer said of the executive order, “COVID-19 is still a very real threat to mixiganders of all ages, and we must be vigilant at our disposal at all times and use every tool.”

Public health officials said that this week they are now aware of more than 50 confirmed cases involving a Christian youth camp in Gladwin County and 13 possible cases of COVID-19.

According to the Department of Health, Barry County has confirmed 144 positive COVID-19 cases and two deaths. There are 389 positive cases and 8 deaths in Eaton County.

Statewide, health officials have reported 85,429 positive cases and 6,237 deaths in Michigan on August 6.

COVID-19 preview tips

In addition to regularly washing hands and touching their faces, officials recommend practicing social disturbances, assuming anyone can carry the virus.

Health officials say that if possible, you should stay at least 6 feet away from others and work from home.

Use disinfected wipes or disinfectant spray cleaners on frequently touched surfaces in your home (door handles, taps, countertops) and carry hand sanitizers with you when visiting places like the store.

Michigan Gov. Gechen Whitmer has also issued an executive order requiring people to cover faces on the mouth and nose inside enclosed, public spaces.

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