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Hundreds meet in Palm Beach County to protest, support President Trump

Hundreds of people gathered on Saturday in Palm Beach County, some to protest against President Trump and others to support him on the anniversary of his inauguration.
The crowd of hundreds that gathered in the clock tower at the end of Worth Avenue came to protest against the president.

The signals that are agitated include those that say: "Accusing Trump", "Enclosing it" and "Orange lies matter".

Paula Slack, 55, of Boca Raton, came with an American flag to protest against President Trump.

She said that she felt it was her duty to make her voice heard on Saturday's march.

"People have power, and we have to fight for change," Slack said. "All we can do is protest and vote and hope it ends soon."

Sue Squassoni, 57, of West Palm Beach, said she worked around the world for the United Nations and was annoyed by Trump's comments about "the Shithole countries." "Many of her friends live in countries like Angola and Ethiopia.

She brought Cocker Spaniel, named Sheeba, who wore a shirt that read:" Dogs for DACA. "The dog's name is an Ethiopian queen.

So far, the crowd is orderly and peaceful, the police keep everyone on the sidewalk and off the street.

About 50 people supporting President Trum met at the intersection of Southern Boulevard and Flagler Drive in West Palm Beach.

The pro Trump crowd waved American flags and Trump again made big flags to the United States While the cars were passing, the members of the crowd shouted slogans: "trump train", "make america great again" , "there is no amnesty for DACA, it is a scam", "President Trump 2020", "we can not allow the democrats to make the EE. UU A fucking hole. "Lantana's Ruth Field Beck said she often comes to the intersection at the western end of the bridge over the Intracoastal Waterway that leads to the Trump Sea-to-Lake complex.

" I love you, " she said. "Today, I think, it's extremely important.
"Beck, 55, who owns a small business, said he grew up in a politically active house, with a progressive democratic mother and a Republican father." She identified with her mother as a child, but was politically encouraged. during the 2016 campaign.

"I was anti-Hillary," he said.

Since the 2016 election, he has been actively involved in the Republican Party and is now a precinct commissar.

He said that he comes to show his support almost every weekend the president is expected to attend Mar-a-Lago.

"I do not believe that President Trump is a perfect man or a perfect president. I do not think anyone is, but I think he really cares about us, "he said.

Beck acknowledged the big anti-trump protest planned in Palm Beach." They have the right to do it. I'm sad that they feel they need to do that, "he said.

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