Humans are stealing artificial intelligence jobs in Google Duplex

Humans are stealing artificial intelligence jobs in Google Duplex

Okay Google, let me talk to your manager & # 39;

Imagine you have You have been offered a job on Google. Excited, you show up for work the first day, just to go to a windowless room where restaurant tables are reserved several times for people who are too lazy to dial a number.

Ornaments on one side. Google Duplex, the AI-powered service that reserves restaurants for humans, does not work as it should, so 25 percent of the time it's a human who takes over.

Yes, in other words, they are human beings theft of computer work. What a turn!

The finding comes from the New York Times, who also learned that in 15% of cases, humans had to intervene when the AI ​​fails to complete a reservation, which must be incredibly strange for restaurant staff.

The times Speculations that make human badistants make calls to AIs can help train the system, teaching them how to deal with unexpected follow-up questions and so on. But as Duplex is designed to sound like a human being, with pauses, & ans; ans & # 39; and & # 39; ahs & # 39 ;, this revelation makes it doubly difficult to know if you're talking to a man or a machine.

Nick Fox, the executive in charge of Google Assistant, told the newspaper that the company was not aggressively trying to eliminate Duplex's human involvement, because that could worsen the experience for business owners. "

That makes sense: Google does not have to be so bad for restaurants to feel the need to review calls and completely block the Google Assistant. Anyway, it's a bit strange to think that Google is paying people to be essentially consultants for Android users, instead of making them own their own tables, like adults.

Frankly, our faith in the Google Assistant is somewhat shaken. We are ready to open a smart speaker of Google Home, make sure there are no humans hidden inside. If there is, it only seems ethical to update Google Home Max more spacious. μ

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