Hulu’s new $ 2 plan for college students includes a watch party

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If you are in college at the moment, now is the time to get yourself some Hulu.

The streaming service announced a new membership level for college students on Monday, offering them an ad-supported version of Hulu for just $ 2 — basically less than a cup of coffee these days! The large concessional college scheme provides full access to Hulu’s library of licensed materials As well as the original like series Small fires everywhere And this Legend of handmaid. You’ll also find FX content via FX on the Hulu Hub, including mine Personal favorite, devs.

The service included in this new scheme for students is the recently launched access Watch party Facility. With this, customers can co-stream series and movies in groups of up to eight people, as long as everyone is watching, which has a Hulu login.

The Watch Party is currently only available to 18 and older users, but this should not be an issue for college plan customers – Hulu says its new plan is only available with 18-year and older college active enrollment. to sign up, Head here And follow the instructions for enrollment in the proposal.

Keep in mind that your plan will go back up to a normal rate of $ 6 per month without active enrollment, so take advantage of those sweet savings while you still can.


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