Hulu Introduces ‘One Hulu’ Marketing and Redesign Campaign – Deadline

In an attempt to stand out in a crowded broadcast landscape, one of the pioneers has revamped its design and the way it invites viewers and advertisers to interact with it.

Hulu, long a joint venture between multiple media companies but controlled by Disney since 2019, said it was ushering in “One Hulu,” a new “cross-functional design system.” The effort will be promoted in a new set of television and online ads (see one above), as well as outdoor and mobile advertising venues.

The main goal of the new look is to establish Hulu as the place where viewers begin their streaming experience. (Having a major live TV combo service, Hulu + Live TV, certainly helps with that consumer proposition.) In February, Disney reported that it had 39.4 million subscribers to Hulu, with 4 million on the live package side, making Hulu the fifth-largest pay-TV operator in the US.

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Meanwhile, Disney has also boosted its flagship Disney +, which is competing with HBO Max, Peacock, Apple TV +, and several other new Netflix rivals. As the company has absorbed the many parts of 21st Century Fox it acquired in a $ 71.3 billion deal two years ago, Hulu has been one of the most dramatically evolved subsidiaries. With pedigree brands like FX and Searchlight joining the corporate fold, the main task has been to reconcile those titles with the Hulu originals and make everything accessible to viewers.

After the initial reveal this month with marketing materials and messages on the product interface and social networks, the summer will focus on the Hulu originals. The bombing will culminate in a “drumbeat in the fall around the launch of Fall TV,” the company said.

Advertising, a growing source of revenue for Hulu, is a central business objective. (Next month, Hulu will receive huge recognition during Disney’s initial introduction to media buyers.) “The green frame around Hulu serves as a ‘container’, a holder of precious things, to help elevate branding and content campaigns,” Hulu said in announcing the design update.

The “Time To Have Hulu” ad features a roster of Hulu talents, including reality TV star Kris Jenner, United States vs. Billie Holiday star Andra Day and Los Angeles Rams football player Aaron Donald.

Hulu said it partnered with DixonBaxi on the final design approach and asked the company to evaluate ways it could improve its interface. The firm found that younger viewers are much more likely to view streaming services as “must have.” The research also indicated that consumers use symbols to navigate and gravitate toward things that move them from stress to relaxation, Hulu said. They expect Hulu to be “fun, modern, simple and straightforward,” adding that Hulu’s green color “is a source of power in brand signals and stays true to consumers.”

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