Hulu cancels the space drama The First after a season

Hulu has canceled his space drama. First, after a single season, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The series, which was launched last year, followed the families of the astronauts and their families as they prepared to travel to Mars.

Hulu ordered the series of House of cards Executive pilot Beau Willimon returned in 2017 for an eight-episode season. The show follows the efforts of a private space company in 2033 while preparing a mission to the red planet, and starred Sean Penn as the leader of that expedition. (Spoilers forward)

After the company's first mission ended in disaster, he fought to justify and prepare a second mission, led by Tom Hagerty (Penn). The season followed the impact of those preparations on astronauts and their families, ended when the mission is launched into space and is preparing to burn the injection that will take them to Mars. Now, the destiny of that mission will be left to the imagination of the spectators.

The show, although generally received positively by critics, was also criticized for being slow and prolonged. The show had the potential to act as one of Hulu's greatest critical hits (with an additional pedigree of House of cards creator Willimon), which would reinforce his list of original projects acclaimed as The story of the maid, as it competes against Netflix and other streaming services. The platform has other major projects to come, including a fourth season of Veronica Mars, an adaptation of a miniseries of 22 captures, and two shows set in the work of George R.R. Martin. Wildcards universe of superheroes.

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