Hugh Grant details horrific tabloid listening experience

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Between FX Documentary Framing Britney Spears Y Meghan Markle interview with Oprah Winfrey, people are finally coming to terms with the long-term damage caused by the tabloid press and the paparazzi. Celebrities are people too; no one deserves to be bullied and bullied. And this tabloid behavior is not limited to targeting only women. As we learned in the last episode of WTF with Marc MaronThe UK gossip rags subjected Hugh Grant to horrible things early in his career.

Maron mentioned in the interview that he had heard that the British tabloids were somehow worse than the American ones, and Grant mentioned that, interestingly, he recently discovered that the tabloids did not just connect his cell phone to access text messages. they also tapped his landline. “For years and years they were listening, and my medical records [were stolen] and my car had bugs so they would know where it was, ”he said. “A lot of the guys who did this work, private investigators hired by the tabloids, are now coming to our side,” said Gramt, alluding to Hacked Off, the “campaign for a free and responsible press” that he later joined. . of the News Corp. phone hacking scandal in 2011. “Now they are so pissed off that the editors, top executives and owners of these newspapers have gotten away with it, while some of these ‘foot soldiers’ have gone to jail. Now they are coming to our side and spilling the beans. Besides being fascinating and horrible, it’s also quite moving and weird in a way. “

He also said that he throws a birthday party every year with Hacked Off, and the group loves to invite “people who have done terrible things” to Grant, such as the person who snooped around his apartment after smashing the door on the hinges. . “So they love to say at these parties, ‘Now Hugh, I don’t think you’ve met Knobby, he broke into your apartment in 1999,’ and I have to say ‘Oh hello Knob, welcome. I think you know where everything is. ‘ Good for him for having a sense of humor about it, but alas, we probably wouldn’t be so nice.

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