Huge trade starts new 4-round projections

It's an officially crazy season, with three weeks left before the NFL 2019 draft.

So let's go crazy.

For the updated four-round drill of this week, let's see what would happen if the Oakland Raiders turned around this year's draft with a successful exchange at No. 1 overall, continuing to change the guard across the board.

When Jon Gruden and Mike Mayock are calling attention, nothing should surprise. Even exchanges No. 27 and No. 35 overall rose to first place this year for a new franchise quarterback.

John Lynch and the company have to be trying to make Murray the No. 1, because that would leave the best draft player on the board, in his greatest need. Bosa would be a bargain here.

After losing to Anthony Barr in free agency, the Jets still desperately need an impact defender. Allen is one of the most complete and versatile prospects in this year's draft, and it would be the perfect fit.

If the Cardinals are staying with Josh Rosen as a quarterback, this is the ideal scenario. They go back only three places, get more top-quality picks to replenish a weak list, and still claim that it's the best overall perspective of the draft.

Any team that needs a quarterback should be looking at this place to change. Here, the Bengals distribute at least their second-round and third-round picks this year to replace Andy Dalton with a state star that has a much higher ceiling.

If the Giants are really rolling with Eli Manning for another year or more, this draft should be to fill the rest of the list with as much young talent as possible. Wait for the trenches to come first, and a weird athlete like Sweat will not last long.

Now that Nick Foles is clearly the quarterback of the team's franchise, the Jags must surround him with as much help as possible, either on the front or in terms of weapons. In this situation, badociating it with a large and fast pbad receiver like Metcalf would be ideal.

Sure, the Lions have just signed a mbadive deal with free agent Trey Flowers, but that should not stop them from adding another explosive pbad destroyer here. Burns demonstrated in the combine that he could gain weight and still maintain his athletic ability, and his technique sets him apart from a deep clbad of pitching pitchers.

What, are not you excited about a quarterback battle between Case Keenum and Colt McCoy? I did not believe it. With Alex Smith's future in doubt, Washington should be ready to take a leap like this (in exchange for a second-round pick) for the right pbader, and Lock could be his man if he's still on the board.

The quarterback is off the board here, but the Broncos still have some fantastic options in other positions of need in this scenario. After backing their strong record against the SEC's competition with a dominant performance in the combine, White deserves a top 10 pick.

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