Huge ‘fireball’ leaps out of the sky and crashes into China’s horizon, watch viral video

A huge ball of fire fell from the sky and crashed in Yusu city in northwestern China on Wednesday. In footage of the incident shared on YouTube, a giant fireball can be seen flashing across the sky, illuminating the sky deep above southern China.

In several stages occupied by the locals, a ball of fire, suspected as a meteor, lights up the sky and the plamets in Nangjai County, northwest China’s Kinhai Province. Locals have heard the sound of a loud explosion and the incident is said to have occurred at 7 am on 23 December.

According to a report by Daily mail, It is not yet clear what the burning area is, but local media is suggesting that the unknown object may be a bright meteorite. It has also been suggested by some experts that the object was a bold, an extremely bright meteorite. The lead author of the Chinese science website Guocr, Yu Jun, while speaking to the media said that it sounded like a bolt. It may also have dropped fragments of several meteorites around the area.

Thankfully, no reason has been stated.

As of December 19, according to NASA, more than 50,000 meteorites have been found on Earth. Meteorites often fly from the back of the Earth but it is rare to fall to the surface once.

Watch the stunning video here:

Many people took to social media to share pictures and videos of the unusual incident. Dan Ba, a local who witnesses the incident when he was taking his child to school, said that the bolt started as a small ball and after three minutes, it grew bigger and brighter.

A passenger going from Xi’an to Lhasa recorded the incident from the plane.

Journalist Mete Sohtoglu also shared a video of the incident on Twitter.

The 18-second-long clip has been viewed more than 1000 times.

“This is too big!” Giant fireball seen in China, ”a Twitter user wrote.

In one video, the huge fireball becomes bigger and brighter as it approaches the ground and a loud bang can be heard. Another user described how a similar incident occurred on the same day in Alabama where a meteor shone in the sky. He took to Twitter to explain further.

The Earthquake Network Center of China confirmed in a tweet that it had recorded the incident and also said that a suspected bolide landed near the border between Nungqian County and Yessu County at 7.25 am.


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