Huddersfield Town broke a corner flag and the four best chances of Manchester United


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Manchester United did not control their top four finishes in Sunday's game against Huddersfield Town, a club that had been guaranteed relegation for quite some time. Three points of a victory was the minimum required to keep alive the hopes of the Champions League qualification, but they also needed Watford's help so that Chelsea lost some points.

Around 60 minutes, things started to go south quickly. Not only was it clear that Watford was not going to do United any favors after conceding two goals in quick succession to Chelsea, but it was also clear that United's defense was not up to the task of the day either. Huddersfield goalkeeper Jonas Lössl picked up a cross and threw the ball to an Isaac Strenza. United defender Luke Shaw was doing everything he could to mark Mbenza, and tried to prevent the ball from reaching his man. His attempt was useless at best, and he realized the deviation that gave Mbenza a chance to score one against one against the deficient David De Gea. The next objective tied the game at one.

Mbenza celebrated with a strong blow of the flag of the corner in front of the supporters of his club. While the local crowd was promoted, the celebration took place at the cost of a five-minute delay, as the stadium staff went out of their way to find a replacement flag. Luckily for Huddersfield, the enthusiasm for the goal remained and the fans only got excited once the flag was replaced.

(It's really ironic that this sport is for card players to take off their shirts to celebrate, but that they actually cause a delay because people had to replace something a player broke up does not even seem to be a warning).

The momentum also continued for Huddersfield, who was able to contain all of Manchester United's scoring efforts and keep the score in one goal per game. The result of one point mathematically eliminated Manchester United from winning a place in the top four for the fourth time in six reasons, as Chelsea would end up with a 3-0 victory against Watford.

Really, the only drawback of this result is the fact that Huddersfield will have to wait at least two seasons before having the chance to play a spoiler for United again.

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