Huawei unit’s first smartphone since sold

Guangzhou, China – Honor, the Chinese smartphone brand previously owned by Huawei, has launched its first device since being sold.

Huawei sold its budget smartphone brand, Honor, to a consortium of buyers in China in November as a way to help the unit face US sanctions.

In 2019, Huawei was placed on an American export blacklist called the entity list that banned American firms from selling certain components to Chinese technology giants. This included both semiconductors and software.

Google was forced to cut ties with Huawei, meaning that the American firm’s Android mobile operating system could not be installed on Chinese firm’s devices. Sales of Huawei in international markets were badly affected.

Last year, Huawei sold Honor to Shenzhen Zhoxin New Information Technology, a consortium of 30 agents and dealers. At the time, Huawei said the sale was made so Honor “can make it through this difficult time.”

Brian Ma, IDC’s vice president of equipment research, said, “Splitting the Honor team should help it get the components it needs, although it can still take several months and is never guaranteed Is, especially geopolitical tensions in the air. ”

“Nevertheless, the move helps suppliers maintain that it can continue with its product development.”

Most of the Honor sales are from China. According to the IDC, in 2019, Honor shipped 64 million smartphones globally. In the first nine months of 2020, the company has shipped 42 million units. Complete data for 2020 is not yet available.


Honor’s new smartphone is called V40. It has a 6.72-inch display and comes in three colors: Silver, Black and Rose Gold.

Honor spoke on the phone’s graphics processing and touchscreen capabilities, features that enhance gaming on the device, popular usage of smartphones in China.

It has the ability to connect to the next generation 5G mobile network, a key requirement in China which is the world’s largest market for 5G phones.

The V40 uses an important 5G chip from Taiwanese MediaTek’s company, which became China’s number one smartphone semiconductor supplier in 2020.

Honor’s V40 starts at 3,599 yuan ($ 556) for the 128GB storage option and 3,999 yuan for the 256GB version. It will be released in China but it is unclear if it will be launched internationally.

“They (Honor) want to give the message whether they’ve inherited a lot from Huawei, whether it’s the chipset’s capability, photography, and R&D (research and development), all of the things they’ve got from Huawei devices. Pass has it all, ”said Nicole Peng, a mobile analyst at Canlis.

“They don’t want to show that they are missing the R&D capability that Huawei has. They want to show that they still have and they have a big team in R&D and some people were asking That when they split up, could they sustain it like innovation. ”


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