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Huawei preps ‘extensive’ US job cuts despite partial reprieve

The measure would be motivated by complications related to the presence of Huawei in the Department of Commerce's List of Entities, which prohibits US companies from doing business with a specific company unless there is explicit approval. Futurewei staff has been restricted in communicating with Chinese Huawei offices, according to the informants, since their work could be considered US technology. UU Despite the corporate connection. Reuters Contacts recently said that Futurewei was trying to separate its Huawei operations as a result of the US blacklist.

Huawei has declined to comment. However, if accurate, job cuts could significantly impede the technology giant's research efforts, at least until R & D increases outside of the US. UU It also highlights the cost that the de facto ban is having on the company's business. Between this and talking about the reduction in the production of phones, Huawei can face difficult times until American officials do not take a break.

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